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Business struggling as a result of the energy crisis?

We are proud to be helping hundreds of businesses remain competitive and compliant with our market-leading ENERGY PURCHASING, MANAGEMENT & SUSTAINABILITY solutions.

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Revenue Recovery

Over 10% of all electricity and gas invoices contain mistakes.

Utility contracts and energy bills are complex creatures! They include many different unit prices, charges, penalties and taxes which are all hidden behind acronyms, abbreviations and energy jargon!

Most businesses don’t have the time or expertise to check these regularly, if at all. Thousands of pounds could be going down the drain!

Brownlow's revenue recovery team can conduct a thorough audit of your utility spending going back 6 years*

Our billing experts will assess your current and historical utility portfolio, identify any errors and areas to save and then recover any over overpayments in an efficient and stress-free way.

  • Desktop review of your utilities charges and rates including Meter Operating (MOP), DC/DA, capacity, TRIAD charges
  • Direct contact with suppliers, providers and distribution network owners to report errors
  • Detailed report showing current charges and potential savings achievable
  • Liaison with supplier to ensure refunds and forward savings are issued onto your account
  • Confirm that correct charging arrangements are applied to future bills

Brownlow's revenue recovery team has recovered over £3million in lost revenue for our customers in the last 2 years. 6 figure energy savings success story.

So what is stopping you?

If you’re sceptical and concerned about costs, please be reassured that these audits are always carried out on a contingency basis – no win, no fee, so there is zero upfront cost. You will only pay if we find that you’re due a refund. 

To get started, just complete a Letter of Authority (LOA) which allows us to do the work on your behalf and send a copy of a recent bill(s) using our Contact Form

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6 figure energy savings for multi-site organisation

Historical bill audit

Invoice validation and reporting

*the maximum statutory time frame recovery investigations can go back to.

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energy Billing Mistakes

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Save up to 75% on business utility costs


20-minutes for a full energy market tender


£7m costs recovered for our clients


Compliance for 3000+ businesses


25+ purchasing & compliance reports

Your business can save money

Our clients save an average of 24% on utility costs.

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