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We are proud to be helping hundreds of businesses remain competitive and compliant with our market-leading ENERGY PURCHASING, MANAGEMENT & SUSTAINABILITY solutions.

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Success stories

Sundown Products

High standards and quality

From their plant in Tilbrook near Huntingdon, Sundown Products manufactures a premium range of animal bedding and nutritionally improved straw pellets. 

Holding a Royal Warrant for their high quality horse bedding, the entire range of products are manufactured to the highest standards and efficiently delivered countrywide. 

High intensity and efficiency

The focus on premium quality, high standards and efficiency doesn’t stop there. It runs throughout the entire production and management operations of the business. 

As a highly energy intensive operation, the efficient management of the plant’s energy and utilities is critical. This ensures that Sundown Products can operate 24/7 with confidence and competitiveness.

Energy management support

So that Sundown Products can focus on their core operations, it was important for them to have the right energy consultant on board. One that truly understood the business’s processes and purchasing strategy and one that has the knowledge and experience to identify efficiency and savings opportunities.

Following some poor experiences with their current consultant, an established energy supplier recommended Brownlow Utilities to Sundown Products.

Preliminary discussions were around energy purchasing, in particular, flexible-type arrangements.

However, following an in-depth utility review, Brownlow identified several key areas that could realise savings and be managed in a more efficient, cost-effective way.

Energy management opportunities

We were able to deliver great savings for Sundown Products with the following services:

Flexible Energy purchasing

Longer term control and visibility of energy costs.

Rather than leaving the volume open to the wholesale market, the Brownlow Trading team has supported complex purchasing decisions and has helped Sundown Products realise the significant savings by forward buying electricity at the right time.

Historical Bill Audit

Identifying errors on previous utility bills released further savings.

EII Scheme

Brownlow Utilities identified that Sundown Products qualified under this government scheme and was able to secure further significant savings.

Climate Change Agreement (CCA)

To help reduce the CCL tax on energy bills. Brownlow are helping Sundown Products manage their CCA to ensure that if audited, everything is of the correct standard to maintain the CCA.

We were so pleased we could help Sundown Products achieve fantastic savings. If you would like to find out how we can help your business save money, please don't hesitate to contact our team.

“We thought that our previous consultant was probably not doing a good job for us, we found it very difficult to select the best consultant for our business. We were reassured when we met Stephen Cross and have been delighted with the service that Brownlow have delivered. It is refreshing to see an energy consultant get so passionately involved in our business, help us to realise savings and give us more control over our energy assets. Thank you so much for your hard work!”

David Cubitt

Managing Director of Sundown Products

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