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EII exemption

Can you get exemption from some of your electricity charges?

The UK government has introduced a scheme to help Energy Intensive Industries (EII’s) in the UK compete with the lower energy costs of some of their EU counterparts.

The legislation means that EII’s are exempt from up to 85% of the policy costs associated with generating electricity from renewable sources which include Contracts for Difference (CfD), Renewable Obligation (RO) and Small-Scale Feed in tariff (FiT).

The Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) expects the measures to benefit over 130 heavy users, saving them around £100m a year in energy costs. 

Will this affect you?

In order to be eligible for the exemptions, businesses will need to demonstrate that a specific site is classed as an EII.

This is based on two main criteria:

  • The energy expenditure is more than 20% of the total site costs, including staff costs and income
  • That the business is one of over 50 industries listed by the government that qualify for the exemption. These businesses range from mining and quarrying to iron casting and chemical manufacturing.

Next steps

Brownlow Utilities can carry out a free initial assessment of your business to check if you are eligible for the scheme and support you during the application process. Contact our Legislation team today or call 01744 778530 (Ext 4)

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