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What is ESOS?

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is a mandatory energy assessment and savings identification scheme for large undertakings in the UK. 

ESOS Qualification Criteria

  • Have over 250 employees or turnover of over £44.1m or an annual balance sheet of over £37.9m, or is part of a larger organisation, which falls into any of the above.
  • Audit the energy used by their buildings, industrial processes and transport covering a 12-month period that includes the qualification date for that phase.
  • Appoint an ESOS approved Lead Assessor to conduct energy surveys and site reports to identify cost-effective, energy saving measures.
  • Notify the Environment Agency (EA) by a set deadline that they have complied with their ESOS obligations. Otherwise they face fines starting at £50,000

The scheme comes around every 4 years with Phase 1 in 2015. We are now in Phase 3 ESOS with deadlines as shown below.

ESOS Qualification Dates

ESOS qualification date is the date on which organisations must assess if they qualify for ESOS. The compliance date is the date by which qualifying organisations must fulfil the requirements of ESOS, and submit their notification to the Environment Agency.

ESOS qualification and compliance dates

ESOS needs energy, engineering and sustainability expertise!

Brownlow Utilities engineers were amongst the first wave of accredited ESOS Lead Assessors in the country and involved in the initial 100 compliances in 2015. We have since helped many companies comply with ESOS, identifying energy saving measures and over £3m annual savings.

With a proven, 3 stage process, we help businesses collect their energy and transport data, conduct onsite audits, compile the ESOS energy savings reports ready for submission to the Environment Agency - on time and to specification.

This is backed by our market-leading bespoke energy intelligence portal giving a detailed understanding of your energy use and a team of sustainability experts that can navigate the wider Net Zero obligations you will face in Phase 4.

Download our ESOS Overview here.

What's the difference between ESOS and SECR? 

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esos scheme


New rules. Lead Assessor shortages. Net Zero obligations ...

Businesses complying in Phase 3 of ESOS potentially face some time, financial and compliance challenges.

  • Time - The deadline for ESOS Phase 3 compliance is less than 11 months away! - 5th December 2023!
  • Rules - The government has recently changed the rules for compliance in Phase 3. You also now need to have a Net Zero plan in place for phase 4.
  • Availability - There are not enough energy auditors available to undertake all the surveys required.
  • Fines - The immediate fine for any business missing the deadline is £50,000! 

With the above in mind, NOW is the time to plan out your business’s entire ESOS journey! 

We strongly advise you to assess your energy data and arrange your site energy surveys as soon as you can. As proven in Phase 1 and 2, the closer we get to the compliance deadline, the more demand there is for qualified energy engineers and ESOS lead assessors. Many are booked up early and day rates are likely to increase closer to the deadline.

We can help - not just by providing our accredited energy engineers and lead assessors, but through a detailed understanding of your energy data and the wider Net Zero obligations you will face in Phase 4.

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