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Flexible energy purchasing

Instead of fixing annual energy contracts, it is now possible to purchase some or all of your energy requirements in monthly or quarterly blocks at times when wholesale energy prices can be significantly lower.

The decision making is based on our bespoke mathematical model that relates your management and risk strategy to the wider energy market.

  • Assessment of your company's objectives and appetite for risk
  • Development of a purchasing strategy
  • Rigorous tendering exercise
  • Scored against qualitative and quantitative terms
  • Energy Analyst dedicated to your account
  • Manage your purchasing in conjuncture with our Value at Risk (VAR) model.
  • Monitoring of European markets and wholesale price changes daily
  • Sophisticated reporting and management system
  • Regular position statements by e-mail together with commentary and support from our Industry experts. 

The flexible purchasing of energy allows you to find an effective middle ground between having a long-term fixed contract and paying volatile day-ahead prices.

Book a call with one of our energy specialists to ensure that you choose the right contract for your business. 

Read more;
Flexible Purchasing Process (pdf)
Value at Risk (pdf)

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Flexible energy purchasing

Your business can save money

Our clients save an average of 24% on utility costs.

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