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Flexible energy purchasing

Instead of fixing annual energy contracts, flexible purchasing is a buying strategy in which you can purchase (trade) some or all of your energy requirements in monthly, quarterly or seasonal blocks at times when wholesale energy prices can be significantly lower. This allows you to find an effective middle ground between having a long-term fixed contract and paying volatile day-ahead prices by spread the risk and gving you a better chance of locking in an optimal price.

Click here to read the difference between Fixed and Flexible Energy Purchasing

Optimising risk, certainty and price

A flexible supply agreement combined with a customised risk strategy and a sophisticated mathematical trading model will offer your business the optimum level of risk, certainty and price opportunity when it comes to your energy purchasing.  

  • Thorough assessment of your company's objectives and appetite for risk
  • Development of a purchasing strategy and risk policy
  • Rigorous tendering, analysis and negotiation of contract options
  • Ongoing management and trading of your energy purchasing (Value at Risk (VAR)).
  • Continuous monitoring of energy market movements and prices
  • Sophisticated reporting, management and communication

Is it suitable for your business?

Flexible energy purchasing is typically suited to organisations consuming above 10GWh of power per annum and/or above 1 million therms of gas. However, Brownlow  now can offer flexible contracts to businesses of any size via our bespoke flexible basket. 

Brownlow's flexible baskets have been the solution of choice for almost 90% of current and new business clients within the last few months. Some of the clients have seen energy rates 50% below the wholesale market Government Energy Bill Relief Scheme! This has not only kept businesses afloat but also saved our Government paying out whilst helping to rebuild this market.

Don't be pressurised into settling for an uncompetitive, fixed rate contract. Let us help you make the best decision for your business. Contract our energy team today or Book a call.

More information

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Flexible energy purchasing

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