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Success stories

Flixton Girls School

Flixton Girls' School is a secondary school, located in the Flixton area of the borough of Trafford, Greater Manchester, England.

We were honoured to have Flixton Girls School attend one of our presentations on business energy and efficiency.

A section of our presentation focused on the hidden commissions within energy contracts.

This subject is incredibly important to us, as the foundation for our core values: Honesty, integrity and transparency. We hate seeing customers fall victim to hidden charges so we speak honestly and with passion on the subject.


How we’ve helped

Flixton Girls School later contacted us to request help in establishing their current commission rate using our bill auditing service, as they were ready to renew contracts.

On following up with their current supplier, it became apparent that commission costs were not clear!

Brownlow was therefore given the opportunity to tender for the supply, which we competitively negotiated and secured, a small level of commission for the supply/service was openly agreed and documented.


Clarity and transparency

Flixton Girls School happily signed the contract feeling reassured that nothing was hidden, clarity and transparency had been brought to the process.

To support this further, Brownlow asked the supplier of the new contract to email the school directly stating the agreed commission value.

Brownlow Utilities is passionate about helping businesses manage their energy better, including how much they use and the price they pay. We have no interest in lying or misleading customers. For us, it’s about doing things the right way.


We care about building long term relationships with our customers.

If you are worried about potential hidden charges on your utility bill from your current supplier, then don’t hesitate to call us and speak to one of our experts on: 01744 778530 or email


“It is so important for our school to have clarity on all of its costs. Thanks to Brownlow Utilities, we can now see how our energy costs are made up and know with confidence that no costs are hidden, giving us peace of mind and saving us money! This is the added value that we like to see from a utilities broker! ”

Phil Deakin

Director of Business and Finance

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