RO and FIT is a scheme which compensates the most electricity-intensive industries in the UK for the impact of increased energy prices caused by renewable sources of energy.

How does RO and FIT work?
Eligible companies can claim relief to cover the cost of electricity that has increased as a result of government renewable energy policy. The compensation equates to around 1p/kWh per annum for eligible electricity use, and is paid every quarter.

One of our customers with an annual consumption of 7,051,000 kWh of electricity was compensated £89,897 per year.

Claims cannot be backdated, so it is vital to get in touch now to see if you are eligible and can start claiming.

Is your business eligible for RO and FIT compensation?
RO and FIT are only available to businesses that use a large amount of electricity to produce their goods or services.

  1. Do you manufacture a product in the UK within an eligible sector? These sectors are specific and defined by 4-digit NACE code.
  2. Does your business pass the Business Electricity Intensity Test?

How we can help
Brownlow Utilities can carry out a free initial assessment of your business to check if you are eligible and if so, we can assess the compensation that you can claim back. We can then guide you through the administrative process of making a claim.

To find out more about RO and FIT and to see if you’re eligible for financial compensation, contact our Carbon Specialists today.