Carbon services

Carbon services

Carbon services

Businesses in the UK are subject to a lot of environmental legislation that has been put in place to ensure energy consumption is minimised wherever possible.

While the legislation is complex to navigate, there are significant benefits for businesses that invest the time and effort to understand the landscape. Not only in terms of reduced energy consumption and lower bills, but there are also various government schemes that can reduce your tax liability, saving you money.

Our carbon specialists can help to determine which schemes will affect your business, identify savings and support you to ensure you remain legally compliant. We are proud of the fact that our experts, backed up by class-leading systems and processes, have never failed to meet an obligation on behalf of our customers.

Click on the links below to read more about the various schemes or contact us to speak to a member of our Carbon Services team directly.

Climate Change Agreements (CCA) Allow eligible energy-intensive businesses to receive up to a 65% discount on gas and up to 90% for electricity from the Climate Change Levy* (CCL) in return for meeting energy efficiency or carbon-saving targets.

CRC Energy Efficiency Management (CRC) (formerly known as the Carbon Reduction Commitment) A mandatory carbon emissions reporting and pricing scheme to cover all organisations in the UK using more than 6,000MWh per year of electricity.

Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) A mandatory European energy assessments and energy savings identification scheme for large businesses.

RO and FIT Compensation Renewables Obligation (RO) and Feed in Tariff (FIT) Schemes which compensate the most electricity-intensive industries in the UK for the impact of increased energy prices caused by renewable sources of energy.