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Great Bear Group

Built in 2008, the Great Bear Oldham site boasts an 174,000 sq foot warehouse.

Together with its surrounding estate, this location qualifies within ‘Band 10’ as far as surface water drainage and highway drainage charges are concerned with the local water supplier. Brownlow Utilities offered Great Bear Oldham a free water audit to assess their current water charges and review the site’s utility infrastructure.

Following initial investigations, the water specialists at Brownlow Utilities identified some flaws in the surface water drainage assessment of the site. They performed detailed tests across the site and analysed the billing and draining plans to successfully determine that the surface water from the site was managed by natural waterways rather than the local water company’s drainage system!

The financial benefit was not only an immediate removal of surface water charges of £35,000 per year but also a healthy refund of £149,000 as a result of overcharges for the past 6 years.

Chris Bell, Facilities Manager at Great Bear in Oldham said;

"The team at Brownlow Utilities’ knowledge of the water industry is second to none. This combined with a professional, honest and driven approach meant that we saved our site thousands of pounds per year and are more competitively positioned going forward. I look forward to working with them to optimise the water deregulation activity in 2017".

To read more about Great Bear click here

“Brownlow Utilities’ knowledge of the water industry is second to none!”

Chris Bell

Facilities Manager

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