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What to expect from your Business Water Audit

Amanda Byrne

22nd October 2020


What is a business water audit?

A business water audit involves an intensive review of your business's water bills, infrastructure, use, supply and drainage.

Once savings or improvements are identified, our water experts will liaise with the relevant water supplier to ensure these are realised within a timely manner!

Why are water audits important?

Water auditing services help to avoid common overcharging, duplicate invoices, estimated readings and billing errors whilst improving the overall management of your water supply and drainage. 

They can help identify losses and conservation practices and provide recommendations for reduction in water use. 

Most importantly, an effective water audit can reduce costs by up to 80%.


What are the benefits of requesting a water audit?

An effective water audit not only reduces water expenses for your business but it also helps you run a more environmentally friendly business making you more aware of the water you are consuming.


Areas of potential savings for your business water

  • Meter standing charges
  • Water and wastewater tariff review
  • Surface water charges
  • Site area/Band charges
  • Property drainage charges
  • Rateable value charges
  • Verification of allowances
  • Investigation of trade effluent consents and discharge rates
  • High water consumption issues
  • Potential for water efficiency measures and/or rainwater harvesting
  • Environmental charges levied by British Water Ways and Environment Agency (for surface water discharge)

What to expect from the business water audit?

At Brownlow Utilities our water audit process is broken down into 3 steps to optimise potential savings for your business.

1. Desktop audit of water bills and site

  • Copy of water bills and signed LOA
  • Non intrusive survey and assessment
  • Carried out by utility expert
  • Identify overcharging and billing errors

2. Comprehensive onsite audits

  • Carried out by water engineers
  • Using latest visual and diagnostic equipment 
  • Identify consumption and drainage savings

3. Supplier liaison and management

  • Obtain detailed billing information
  • Complete formal application to correct billing
  • Liaison/negotiation with supplier until resolution and refund
  • Ensure ongoing savings applied to account

What is the cost of a business water audit?

The water audit and site surveys are entirely free and without obligation. If no savings are identified, there will be no costs for the work - no win, no fee.

When savings are identified we charge an agreed share of the savings made, this is discussed in an open and transparent way with our clients. 

If no savings are identified, there will be no costs for any of the work carried out.


Water Audit Savings for our customers

Following a detailed desktop and on site survey of the school we found that the client was being charged incorrectly for site area. 

We contacted United Utilities on behalf of the client and agreed that the error should be backdated 6 years. 

£44,933 refund to the client.

The client now saves £7,000 per year going forward.


How to request a business water audit?

Please contact us if you have any questions via our Contact Us form, by ringing 01744 778530 (option 5) or email us and one of our helpful team members will be happy to help with your enquiry.

We can start the process to save you money on your business water expenses.

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