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Industry insights

LED lighting energy benefits

Amanda Byrne

1st September 2022

With high energy prices, an easy, relatively low-cost switch is to simply swap your business's typical screw-in bulbs to LEDs, which are 80% more energy efficient. lower maintenance and reduce energy costs

LED Lighting stats...

1. An LED bulb only uses 10 watts and yields the same lumens as an incandescent build that uses 60 watts of power.

2. On average, most LED fixtures deliver at least 50% improvement in energy savings when compared with non-LED lighting fixtures, leading to lower running costs.

3. LED lights also give a great return on energy costs, with some cheaper bulbs such as LED GU10 providing a 195% return on a £3.50 cost.

4. LEDs emit less heat, with 80% of the energy going into the light and 20% going into heat on average.

5. By eliminating frequent light bulb changes, LED technologies to reduce the time and cost involved with maintenance.

6. When designed correctly, LED lighting systems can last over 100,000 operating hours, potentially eliminating maintenance for up to a decade.

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