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Gas charge increases due to UIG

Amanda Byrne

13th October 2022

Brownlow Utilities is currently seeing gas charge increases due to Unidentified Gas (UIG) in some gas contracts. Sadly, in some cases, these increases are significant.

What is UIG (Unidentified Gas)

The majority of gas consumed in Great Britain can be accounted for as it is metered and registered. However, some gas is lost from the system, or not registered, due to theft, consumption by unregistered supply points and other reasons.

The gas that is taken from the Local Distribution Zone (LDZ) system, but not attributed to an individual Supply Meter Point or accounted for as Shrinkage, is referred to as UIG.

Previously known as Unallocated Gas (UAG), UIG is now a significant and growing cost within your billed rates and will fluctuate depending on the Wholesale gas commodity price.

Gas Bill Pie Chart

Why the increase?

The price element is driven by the current market prices for the relevant period, at this time this is highly volatile and has reached record highs. The UIG % can change year to year but for 2022/23 we are not seeing much movement from 2021/22.

The document link below explains all of this in more detail.

 UIG Winter 2022 Customer Report - Total Energies

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