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Climate Change Agreement (CCA) Extension 2023

Amanda Byrne

28th March 2023

Important Update

The government (BEIS) has announced plans to open up the Climate Change Agreement (CCA) scheme to new applicants for a 5 month window from 1st May 2023 - 30th September 2023. The current scheme has also been extended to March 2027.


Current CCA holders

  1. The scheme extension means that your businesses will continue to receive the tax relief via the Climate Change Levy (CCL) charges on your invoices, as long as you remain compliant.
  2. Review your current agreements to ensure they have been optimised.
  3. Let us know if you have any new sites or new businesses as they may be eligible too!

New applicants

  1. You can now apply for a CCA for your business during this 5 month window.

 Tax relief

  1. If eligible, your business can receive a significant reduction against the CCL tax on your energy bills. From April 2023, CCA exemption is 92% for electricity and 88% for gas.

Example - An eligible applicant with annual consumption of 2GWh for electricity and 1.5GWh for gas will save around £80k* between January 2024 and March 2027. (Using CCL rates published only to April 2025).


CCA's are available to many industries such as plastic, paper, chemicals, manufacturing and food production. Generally, it is recommended that if you are spending £100,000 or more, or consuming over 1million kWh (1GWh) per annum on energy, you should consider a CCA.

Send an email or a copy of your electricity and gas bill and we can quickly check if you are eligible!

Read more on CCA's here

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