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Understanding MPAN /MPRN numbers

Ellie Edwardson

27th February 2024

MPAN: Your Meter Point Administration Number (Power Only)

Your Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN), also known as the Electricity Supply Number or 'S number,' is a unique identifier for your electricity supply point. Both residential and commercial electricity users will have an MPAN.

Your electricity MPAN number is a 21-digit code, but in most cases, only the last 13 digits are necessary. It's essential to recognise that your MPAN number is different from your customer account number.

illustration of an MPAN

Profile Class: When it comes to your property's energy consumption, your energy supplier uses a reference code consisting of two numbers to determine your property's profile class. This code provides insight into the typical amount of electricity your property consumes daily. Residential properties fall into profile class 01 or 02, while businesses are classified between 03 and 08 (06-08 meters are being phased out in the P272 process). Class 00 is reserved for larger businesses with a high energy demand that require half-hourly meter installations.

Meter Time Switch Code (MTC): The next three digits represent the number of registers on your electricity meter, either sets of meter numbers or dials.

Line Loss Factor (LLF): On the top line of your MPAN, the last three digits represent the estimated costs that your energy supplier must pay to the distribution company for utilising the cables and networks in your location. These digits also indicate potential charges your supplier may incur if energy is lost while being supplied to your property.

Distributor ID: The first two digits of the MPAN bottom line indicate the regional distribution company responsible for supplying your energy. They are in charge of managing the wiring that delivers power to your property. To identify the company that operates the network in your area, simply refer to this number sequence.

Meter Point ID: The next eight numbers are unique within the distribution area, and they are used to identify the metering point.

Check Digit: The last three numbers are based on the Meter Point ID and Distributor ID numbers, and they provide a way of verifying both of these numbers.

MPRN: Your Meter Point Reference Number (Gas Only)

Your MPRN, or Meter Point Reference Number, is linked to your property's gas supply. This unique identifier is also known as your 'M number' and usually consists of six to ten digits. If your MPRN begins with 74 or 75, it indicates that your local gas network is provided by an Independent Gas Transporter. Keep in mind that certain gas suppliers may charge higher rates to customers served by Independent Gas Transporters.

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