Survey & recovery

We have proven that an effective water audit can reduce costs of up to 80% on your sites.

If you’re concerned that your water consumption and drainage charges are inaccurate, then take advantage of our free water audit service. Our experts will conduct a FREE, independent evaluation of your existing water and sewerage infrastructure and charges then produce a full detailed report together with the potential savings.

For one of our clients, our water audit service revealed that the company had been paying sewerage charges unnecessarily for years. Our audit lead to a rebate of nearly £100,000 and removal of sewerage charges of £35,000/year. Our water audit service will look at:

  • Meter standing charges
  • Water and wastewater tariffs
  • Surface water charges
  • Site area charges
  • Property drainage charges
  • Rateable value charges
  • Verification of allowances
  • Investigation of trade effluent consents and discharge rates
  • Potential for water efficiency measures and/or rainwater harvesting
  • Environmental charges levied by British Water Ways and Environment Agency (for surface water discharge)
  • High water consumption issues

The initial audit is entirely free and without obligation. Get in touch today and arrange your free water audit.