Contract support

We want your business to enjoy the benefits of your new energy contract. This means having visibility, control and support around your energy usage and costs is vital if you are to successfully manage your energy and costs. We provide a range of services to ensure you have complete control, visibility and support for you business’s utilities.

Issue resolution – We are on hand to help resolve any problems related to your billing, contract, energy supply or supplier. If you have any issues that you would like to discuss with one of our team, contact us now.

Bill Validation and Auditing – We will carry out detailed checks of your first bill to ensure it adheres to the contracted terms. Our support team and your Brownlow Utilities Account Manager will review your business’s bills ongoing. If you’re not a current customer but would like us to validate your current bills, send copies of your bills now.

Account Management – Your dedicated Account Manager will be on hand to discuss any issues you may have. We will also identify opportunities to discuss other energy, efficiency, compliance or water service improvements.

Energy Management Portal – As a valued client, we provide a dedicated online portal for our clients to check pricing and live consumption data.

Supply Management – Maintaining a good quality supply is important. Brownlow Utilities will support you in the unlikely event of a service disruption. Read more in our Site Services section.