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Triad Avoidance

Be alerted to avoid unnecessary charges

Triads are the three highest half-hour (HH) periods of system demand between November and February each year, typically occurring during cold weather around 4-6pm, when industrial demand coincides with the domestic tea-time period.

The National Grid implements a charge, passed onto your energy bill, which is based your our site’s average energy consumption on each of these 3 HH periods and charged at the respective tariff rate that applies to your site’s location in the UK.

With prior warning, you can reduce this charge – which often runs to tens of thousands of pounds – by reducing consumption when you know a Triad is going to occur.

Our Triad Warning and Management system will

  • Use real time data to make accurate predictions
  • Send you warnings by email before 11am, giving your site enough notice to plan and implement consumption reducing measures during the predicted half hour period
  • Keep the number of alerts to a minimum
  • Produce Triad Response Performance Reports the day after a Triad Warning has been
    issued to analyse the efficacy of your consumption reduction measures
  • Provide an Annual Summary Report following the National Grid Triad confirmation which analyses your annual performance and estimates your forecast TNUoS costs for the next 12 months. 

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Triads explained (pdf)

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