Why сhoose Brownlow?

Our aim is to make you competitive, compliant and efficient as far as your energy and utilities are concerned. Our approach is to do this with clarity, honesty and experience.

Get in touch today and let us show you how your business energy should be managed.

Utility purchasing


At our first meeting with you our designated knowledgeable Account Manager we will take time to fully understand your business in its entirety. This includes understanding your company’s objectives, business processes and how your company prefers to manage risk.

We also consider your current energy and utility portfolios looking at the how much you use and the prices you pay. We do not employ designated sales people – your Account Manager will have extensive knowledge of the industry and commit to helping you manage your business’s energy.

Companies have had access to the competitive energy markets since the early 90’s and in that time the market has evolved to facilitate quite complex purchasing strategies. Consequently most suppliers have products that allow you buy your energy based on the futures market.  At Brownlow Utilities we take the time to sit down with you looking at purchasing options, and can then help you choose a supplier and product that matches your companies long term purchasing strategy.



Once we are operating to this purchasing strategy we then validate and check the bills for you on a monthly basis to ensure they adhere to the contracted terms. If there are any issues with your bills, we will resolve these with the supplier directly on your behalf. More/Less

We also provide our customers with secure access to an online energy management portal which gives valuable insight into the how their energy is used over the working day. Customers can access yesterday’s consumption data on a half hour basis in both graphical and tabular forms.

Having access to these comprehensive reports helps you to continually reduce the financial and environmental impact of the energy you consume.

Carbon compliance


Most businesses are subject to or can take advantage of one of the myriad of government Carbon schemes such as Climate Change Agreement (CCA), CRC, ESOS, RO and FIT. Brownlow Utilities offers a full service that then manages these schemes for you using carbon specialists that have never lost an agreement! More/Less

If you have an applicable process we will make sure that you are getting the tax reduction you are due. Our engineers will either acquire the appropriate agreement for you and then manage the agreement going forward or audit your existing agreement and then manage it going forward.

This service ensures that you are competitive and compliant allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

Energy efficiency


At Brownlow Utilities our service does not stop there. We have Chartered Energy Efficiency Engineers that can complete a detailed survey of your business highlighting where you can employ the latest techniques and technologies with regards to energy based on Return on Investment (ROI). More/Less

Our experience has shown us that in most businesses we can identify savings of at least 10% that require either no or a small amount of capital investment. You can then choose to employ us to achieve these savings or instigate them yourself – safe in the knowledge that we are always available to talk to at any time.

Utility management


An energy plan based on a comprehensive survey of your site together with agreed timescales and board-level commitment will drive your utility purchasing strategy and efficiency initiatives forwards. More/Less

You will start to see genuine cost savings through the reduced consumption of energy throughout your company together with improved purchasing techniques and carbon compliance.

We will ensure that the correct systems and procedures are in place for the continuous measurement and assessment of energy use on your site. Often referred to as Monitoring and Targeting (M&T), these activities will facilitate the collection, analysis and reporting of data relating to energy performance as well as the setting, review and revision of energy performance targets.

All of this creates a strong foundation on which to identify ongoing improvements in energy efficiency and your utility infrastructure. Your Brownlow Utilities Account Manager will be on hand to support you every step of the way.