Site surveys

A comprehensive survey of your site carried out by an experienced engineer will help to understand where your site is wasting energy and how you can optimise utilisation.

This involves a systematic review of how energy is used within your buildings and industrial site and your on-site utility infrastructure. It includes a physical inspection of buildings and equipment, which can range from a simple visual inspection to a fully instrumented study.

Using a practical framework to identify energy saving opportunities, Brownlow Utilities can conduct a detailed site survey that will provide the foundations on which to develop an energy plan and policy. More details can be found here. (Energy management/survey).

Alternatively, we can assess the physical arrangement of your supply, connections and metering equipment, to ensure that the system you have in operation is appropriate for your needs and determine if you are being billed correctly.

To arrange an initial assessment of your site(s), contact our get in touch with our Site Services team.