Purchasing options

Finding an appropriate buying strategy for your business depends upon a number of factors including your business’s objectives, how your company prefers to manage risk and the ever changing dynamics of the energy market.

Key energy buying options include;

Fixed energy purchasing
Allows you to lock in prices for the longer term.
Fixed price, fixed period supply contracts give budgetary certainty. And much like choosing a mortgage product when interest rates are low, we can advise on the best time to place contracts to lock in lower prices. Even if you are in a contract, Brownlow can often negotiate better rates on your behalf.

Flexible procurement
Provides the freedom to buy energy at the time when market conditions are best.
Uncertainty in wholesale energy markets has left many large energy users exposed to large rises in cost when renegotiating annual contracts. To prevent our customers being caught out in these situations we have flexible purchasing options with many major suppliers.

Instead of fixing annual energy contracts, we can purchase some, or all, of a client’s energy requirements at times when wholesale prices can be significantly lower. The decision making is based on our bespoke mathematical model that relates your management strategy to the wider energy market. Our dedicated analyst monitors the European markets and wholesale price changes daily to support this model.

Our Flexible procurement clients have a professionally managed contract and receive regular position statements together with commentary and support from our industry experts.

Basket or consortium purchasing
For energy buyers whose annual spend is not significant enough to qualify for a more inclusive flexible contract structure. Basket or consortium purchasing caters for the majority of energy buyers whose annual spend is not significant enough to qualify for a standalone flexible contract structure. It affords smaller businesses access to the same market much larger companies have.

As buyers of millions of pounds of energy each year, we can give you the levels of market access normally only available to much larger organisations.

For more information about energy purchasing solutions, get in touch with our dedicated procurement team.