Energy surveys

A comprehensive survey of your site carried out by an experienced engineer will help to understand where energy is being wasted. This is only the first step on your journey to lower energy costs, improved environmental performance, and active energy management. You are likely to discover immediate savings, but more importantly, you have the foundations on which to develop any energy plan and policy.

Our Energy surveys involve a three-step process:

Stage 1 Data Collation and Strategy Formulation
Initially we compile a list of all UK sites together with a breakdown of energy consumptions across those locations. In addition, a list describing the transport assets and associated energy use should be provided as evidence. These should be endorsed by the client as an accurate reflection of energy consuming assets.

Stage 2 Energy Audits
Depending on the earlier energy data analysis, we undertake appropriate energy surveys across the sites. Primarily the rule is that the surveys need to cover 90% of your energy consumption. These surveys should include energy opportunities assessments and preliminary cost analyses that will allow subsequent management decisions to be planned for implementation.

Stage 3 Submission
Once you have agreed your strategy for completion of the various elements, you will need your lead assessor to review the evidence, and provided it meets the minimum requirements of the regulations, and endorse the client as being compliant if required.

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