Energy management & reporting

When implementing an energy policy, it is vital to report on it to ensure activity is taking place and that targets are being met (or not)!

At Brownlow, we will implement an energy management reporting system appropriate for your business to collect, analyse and report on energy management.

While good reporting helps you to understand what has happened it can also be used to review targets and establish new ones for the future. An effective reporting system helps with:

  • Identifying patterns of energy use and areas of wastage
  • Highlighting exceptions to normal performance
  • Evaluating the impact of energy saving actions or faults in equipment and its operation
  • Setting realistic targets for improvement
  • Enhanced management control of energy use and expenditure

At Brownlow, we help to manage energy efficiency by regularly reviewing the position against an agreed benchmark. Initially, we would suggest that this benchmark should be the most recent full 12 month period where gas and electricity consumption data is available, along with production data over the same period.

We also have systems and procedures available to support reporting, from simple metering and manual logging to sophisticated, cloud-based software systems.

Our dedicated online Client Portal, also provides real-time measurement and assessment of your energy use.