Energy management

Energy management

Energy management

Proactive energy management is key to both saving energy and reducing costs for your business. Failing to address how your business uses energy can lead to financial losses, business inefficiencies and even non-compliance with legal regulations.

Brownlow Utilities Carbon Trust accredited engineers have an incredible depth of knowledge and are your team of energy management experts, identifying ways to reduce the amount of energy you consume and driving savings to your bottom line.

We operate a transparent and process-oriented approach to energy management:

Energy Survey – This a comprehensive survey of your site carried out by an experienced engineer to understand where your site is wasting energy. An Energy Plan is created based on the survey highlighting energy efficiency initiatives.

Energy Policy – Based on the energy plan, this forms the basis of an ongoing energy efficiency investment programme and supports the implementation process.

Energy Management & Reporting – On an ongoing basis we provide support, management and reporting.

Monitoring and Targeting – Assistance in implementing an appropriate Monitoring & Targeting (M&T) framework across the company. This is supported by an online Client Energy Management Portal which gives instant access to usage information and allows you to manage consumption and measure the impact of your energy use.

For more information about energy management get in touch with one of our Energy Specialists